WordPress Root Directory, Uploading Into It

Uploading to root folder

In the previous page you were told to upload to the root folder. Below you are told how to do it by inserting the code into your WordPress root directory.

What’s a WordPress root directory

WordPress root directoryThe WordPress root directory is the main directory where all of the files for a particular website are located. You may need to find it, for instance, if you wish to verify a website. That would be necessary in order to monetize your website with Monetag advertising.

Or, for example, you may have some problems arising from your themes or plugins. Perhaps it can be fixed quickly by making some changes to your WordPress files. To do that you may have to access your WordPress directory.

Uploading a file to a WordPress root directory

In the example below, I’ve downloaded an HTML file from Monetag. It is in my Downloads folder. I will upload it to my root directory for the website in question.

My web host is LiquidNet Ltd Hosting. If you use a different web host, you may have to use your intuition to adjust your actions accordingly.

Log into your web host’s control panel. Navigate to My Domains -> Hosted Domains and click on the orange folder WordPress root directoryicon in the “Actions” column which will lead you right into the root directory where the domain loads its web content from.

Then you can click on the Upload New File(s) -> Add files -> Upload and upload the desired file.

When you click on Upload New Files, you will get a new panel like the one here. You only need to click on Add files and select the .html file from your Downloads folder in Finder. After that click on Upload.

WordPress root directoryIn this animated GIF you will see what happens starting with clicking on the Add Files button. At the end of the GIF you will see that the file has been “successfully uploaded” into your WordPress root directory.

Final steps

Before you go through the verification processĀ  below, you should be on the page that tells you to choose one of the verification methods.

You will now click on the purple Verify button. You website will go through the verification process. There will be notification that your site has been verified.

Now you can go to the next page and find out how to insert ads on your web pages.