Rumble to Make More Money than YouTube

What is Rumble?

RumbleRumble is a video hosting site similar to Vimeo or YouTube. It has  partners like MTV, Xbox, Yahoo, MSN, and more. Rumble pays  users to upload their videos for those partners to use. Should a video be approved, the uploader will get $50. If the video is said to be good enough to make its way to the front page, the user will get over $100.

How to make money on Rumble?

As you will see below, there are four different options for making money. The other video hosting websites each have their own different monetization rules. This platform allows users to decide how much they are willing to monetize. These are the options:

  • Profit Sharing

Users will be giving up all their rights to Rumble in exchange for an earning of up to 90% of what the video makes on YouTube. They will earn 60% of what the video makes through other partners.

  • Exclusive

Users will give up all of their rights to Rumble and can make up to $1000.

  • Non-Exclusive

Users get to keep all of their rights to the video and can generate up to $500 in profit. This will allow Rumble a non-exclusive license towards the video where Rumble and its partners can use it but the uploader still owns the video.

  • Not for Sale

This is not really something that most people would want. They can’t make any money.


Below are some of my Rumble videos. After uploading each video, I would get a page of code including the code called Monetized Embed Code. To maximize the amount of money I earn, I use the Exclusive option. That option gives me this particular snippet of code.

I used Cmd C to copy that into my clipboard and then Cmd V to paste it at the point in text view where I wanted a particular video to be.

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