Monetag Website Monetization Platform

Adding ads with Monetag

MonetagWith Monetag you can easily monetization your websites. Their WordPress Monetag Official plugin will give you a variety of high revenue-oriented tools with access to worldwide advertisers. Visitors will access your website with a desktop, laptop or smartphone computer and click on your advertising.

Advantages of Monetag

Look at these special features:

  • Worldwide coverage (100% of your traffic can be monetized)
  • Clean & safe ads. All ads are manually moderated 24/7. No virus, malware, or obscene content
  • No Advanced Code-Editing Skills Required
  • Solutions for mobile web SDK & APK
  • A wide range of integration methods (API, XML, Smartlink)
  • They provide you with an Adblock bypass solution
  • The easiest payouts in the industry (minimum withdrawal $5)

Getting started:

            1. MonetagGo to this web page and sign up.
            2. Go to the website on which you wish to have the advertising. In Monetagedit mode, click on Plugins > Add New.
            3. In the search box, type Monetag Official Plugin. The image of the plugin will show up.
            4. Click Install and then Activate.
            5. Add the address of your website to be monetized to the Monetag Add and Verify page.
            6. MonetagBecause you are using WordPress, you will click the radio button above the  yellow folder.
            7. Click Download File. This will place some HTML code into your Downloads folder.
            8. When on the Monetag website, you will want to get other information from time to time. To find a menu, click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left. This will give you a menu.
            9. You can experiment with the various topics. If you click on Sites, you will get valuable information about each of the websites you are trying to monetize.
            10. See the next page to learn how to insert that HTML code into the WordPress root directory.


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