Monetag Ads, How to Insert into Web Pages

Adding zones for your Monetag ads

Monetag adsIn the previous page you were shown how to download an HTML file from Monetag and then upload it into your website’s root directory. That was necessary so that you could verify your website and begin to insert Monetag ads into it.

After your site has been verified, you will be able to add the ads to your website.

Monetag ads

Monetag adsLog into your Monetag account and click the icon of a person in the upper right-hand corner. Click Profile Settings. Click Sites near the upper left-hand corner.

On your Monetag sites list, and click the verified website to which you wish to insert ads.Monetag ads

Before you click the Add Zone button, click on the link below so that you understand the various ad formats.

Ad formats explained

Click here to see links that explain the various ad formats from which you can choose.

In-Page Push ads look native to your site. So, if you’re at stage zero of setting up advertising, it might be a good starting point.

Because technology is changing so rapidly, it is a good idea to eventually having a variety of ad formats.

Example of uploading an ad format

    1. Go to the Sites page and click on a domain name. Here it is
    2. Click Add Zone.

  1. Click Get Multitag.
  2. You will get a snippet of code beginning with <script> and, if you have an https website, there will be an sw.js file in your Downloads folder.
  3. Go into edit mode of your home page in Text view.
  4. Create a blank line beneath wp:paragraph.
  5. Paste the snippet of code in that blank line.
  6. Upload the sw.js file into your WordPress root directory.
  7. You will begin to get ads like the one to the right on the page that has the code beneath wp:paragraph.




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