GIFs, Upload from a Desktop to Instagram

GIFs from a web page to your clipboard

On this page we GIFswill take animated GIFs such as the one on the right and copy them to Instagram. To do that you will upload your animated GIF to one of your web pages. Then you will go to that website on your smartphone and copy the GIF into your clipboard. Then you will paste it into Instagram. The finished GIF will have a hyperlink attached to it.

Limitations of Instagram

Unlike Facebook & Twitter, you cannot link from your Instagram posts. The above animated GIF has a Click button that shows up. So, you should not use that GIF on Instagram. Use the sample  to the right instead.

Copying animated GIFs into clipboard

You will copy the animated GIF into your clipboard and then paste it into Instagram. These are the steps for copying:

  • Hold you finger over some text either above or below the GIF you wish to copy.
  • After the 2 blue boundary handles show up, slide them around with your finger until only the GIF is selected. None of the text will be surrounded in blue.

  • Tap the word Copy as you see in this image. It will be copied into your clipboard.



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