Ezoic Website Monetization Setup

Getting started with setting Ezoic up

EzoicSo you wish to make money by displaying Ezoic ads on your website. You start by going to their website. Click on the green Get Started button and fill in the form. You will give them the best website for Ezoic to start giving you online ads. Wait a day or 2 and they will send you and email. Then proceed in the order these points are displayed:

  • Click the green Login button.
  • If you have WordPress, click the Select button beneath WordPress Plugin. If you don’t have WordPress, click the Select button beneath Name Servers and follow the instructions. The points below are for people with WordPress.
  • Go to the website you entered with Ezoic when you first filled in their form.
  • EzoicClick on Plugins > Add new and type Ezoic into the search bar.
  • Beside the image of the plugin click Install Now > Activate.
  • Click Integration Complete and then Next.
  • I got to this point and then things became very confusing. I looked at 2 Ezoic reviews. They were both very negative. The first one said: Worst customer service ever. Ignore’s 90% of what you say, and then tells you off if you refer to it and ask them to address the issue.
  • So, I ended up looking for a competitor who would give better service. After I start using a very good competitor, I will give a review on the makemoneyonlinewithrumble website.