Rumble, How to Make Money Online with It

What is Rumble?

RumbleTheir service is similar to YouTube. One big difference is that it has fewer restrictions than YouTube. Someone at Rumble has to approve each video. This is usually within one hour up being uploaded.

After it is approved, you are automatically beginning to monetize it if you have chosen to do so. There will be an ad that people will see as soon as your video is opened. (Note that if you watch the video from your own IP address, no ad will show up. That’s to prevent from people from inflating their own viewed numbers.)

If the video is good enough to make it to the main page, the creator will get more than $100/day. 

There are 4 options for making money on Rumble — Profit sharing, Exclusive, Non-exclusive & Personal use.

  1. Profit sharing — Creators give all rights to Rumble in return for up to 90% of the video’s earnings on YouTube as well as an additional 60% of the video’s earnings from other platforms. Rumble publishes your videos on other platforms and then provides the marketing, SEO, etc. to help your video get viewed. E.g., if your video makes $1000 on YouTube, you will get $900.
  2. Exclusive — Creator give Rumble exclusive rights to use the video on any platform except YouTube. Creator will earn 60% of the revenue that is generated. 
  3. Non-exclusive — Creators retain all of their rights to the video by allowing Rumble to license their video player in exchange for 60% of the revenue which is generated within the video player. 
  4. Not for sale — You make no money

Increase probability of making money with Rumble

To increase your chances of making money on Rumble, pay special attention to these 3 points:

  1. Give good descriptions & good titles to your videos. 
  2. Original content, interesting subject & current events.
  3. High quality videos.

How to make even more money

RumbleYou most likely started Rumble with a free plan. You can go to this web page and order a Professional Package for as low as 10 USD/month. Then people will see a 5-second ad on each of your videos that is embedded into a web page.  

Go here to see a number of different how to videos. For example, you can watch the Integrate your own Ads into the Rumble Play video.

Website Monetization  Platforms

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Sample Rumble videos

Below are some videos I have uploaded to Rumble.

Way More Covid Deaths If Vaccinated


How to Make a Video Title


How to Animate Text in Your Videos


How to Draw a Circle with GIMP


CDC Sued Twice — Numbers Exposed


Pilots Injured by Covid Vaccine May Never Fly Again


Falsified Pandemic data, How it Happened


How to Make an Animated GIF


How to Reverse a video clip


Justin Trudeau’s admiration for China

When Justin Trudeau was asked what foreign administration he admired the most, he actually said it was China. I guess that’s why he gets such pleasure in being a tyrant.


Enshrined within the Canadian constitution is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It was made law in the 1980s. All of the authors except one are dead. One of the co-authors, Brian Peckford, is very much alive. He has a absolutely thorough understanding of the Charter. 

His understanding is so thorough that he can see exactly why the vaccine mandates and related tyrannical measures are unconstitutional.

His understanding is so thorough that he filed a lawsuit against the Canadian government on Jan.26/22.


One Facebook post & thousands of vaccine injuries

A reporter wanted to do a TV story about people who had died because they did not take the “vaccine”. So, he used Facebook to ask people to give their stories. He must have been awfully surprised when he got over 100.000 comments. Most of them were about vaccine injuries.


The Price of Refusing Vaccines

The mysterious deaths in the video below are very suspicious.


108-year-old Grandmother, Victim of Trudeau’s Tyranny

A reporter is randomly interviewing people in the streets of Ottawa. A lady tells him about her grandmother who will be 108 years old in June.

She is unable to visit with her family because of Covid restrictions. That is evil. It is absolutely criminal.


Thank you Fox News

As a Canadian who is watching online what is going on with the Freedom Convoy, I am most grateful to Fox News. Unlike most of the mainstream media, they actually report what is going on. Our prime minister is a huge embarrassment to Canadians. The example in this video will give you an idea of why that is. Fox News has the integrity to tell it as it is.


Lawyers explaining what evidence witnesses will bring

The team of lawyers have their witnesses lined up. They will explain why the PCR test, which was used to justify use of the “vaccine”, is meaningless. They will show how the PCR test has a 97% false positive rate. That means that 3% of the people with a positive PCR test are sick with something but the test cannot say what.


Justin Trudeau the puppet

In this video Justin Trudeau tries to explain that the truckers are hateful, disgusting, disrespectful people. The video in the background shows just the opposite.


Vax Injury Database

In order for the lawyers to file a class action lawsuit, it would be useful to have some victims of the “vaccines”. There is evidence that the “vaccines” are causing death, Bell’s palsy, strokes, heart attacks, paralysis, etc. We need examples so that these victims can get monetary compensation for their hardships.


Freedom Convoy

As the freedom convoy began on the west coast of Canada, it gathered steam while progressing towards the nation’s capital. Eventually it was 150 km long. This video will give you an idea of what it looked like. There were proud Canadians cheering them on at virtually every overpass.


Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Our 8 grandchildren & their parents honoured us with a program for our 50th anniversary. Watch the song that they composed.